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C card scheme in Consett

C-card Scheme

A program providing free condoms to promote safe sex and prevent sexually transmitted infections in Consett. Register for the C-card at Derwent Valley Pharmacy if you are under 25 years old.

emergency contraception in Consett

Emergency Contraception

Empower your choices! Swift, confidential emergency contraception services are available at Derwent Valley Pharmacy in Consett.

flu vaccine in Consett

Flu Vaccine

Guard against the flu! Get your flu vaccine at Derwent Valley Pharmacy to stay healthy all season long in Consett. Book online today!

NTR voucher Scheme in Consett

NRT Voucher Scheme

Quit smoking with ease! Explore nicotine replacement therapy through our NRT Voucher Scheme at Derwent Valley Pharmacy in Consett. Get in touch today.

Period Delay in Consett

Period Delay

Seize control of your time and flow at Derwent Valley Pharmacy in Consett. Offering discreet period delay solutions for your menstrual cycle. Get in touch today!

Pharmacy First in Consett

Pharmacy First

Skip GP wait times and get treatment for minor ailments with our Pharmacy First service in Consett. Get in touch with our friendly team today about your concerns; we are here to help!

travel clinic in Consett

Travel Clinic

Travel worry-free with our travel clinic services, including travel health advice and vaccinations, such as the Yellow Fever vaccine in Consett. Book online today!

free prescription delivery

Free Prescription Delivery

At Derwent Valley Pharmacy, convenience meets care! Enjoy the ease of Free Prescription Delivery – because your health shouldn't be a hassle. We bring your medications to your doorstep, ensuring your well-being is always within reach.

stop smoking clinic

Stop Smoking Clinic

Kick the habit with confidence at Derwent Valley Pharmacy's Stop Smoking Clinic. Our recently qualified experts offer personalised support, guiding you towards a smoke-free future.

Ear Infection

Ear discomfort? Trust Derwent Valley Pharmacy for swift and effective Ear Infection solutions. Our dedicated team provides expert advice and top-notch remedies to help you bid farewell to those pesky ear troubles.

blood pressure check

NHS Hypertension Screening

Prioritise your heart health with Derwent Valley Pharmacy's NHS Hypertension Screening Service. Quick, precise, and backed by the NHS, our screenings empower you to stay on top of your blood pressure for a healthier tomorrow.

needles exchange service

Needles Exchange Service

Your safety matters. Derwent Valley Pharmacy proudly offers a discreet Needles Exchange Service. A judgment-free zone providing sterile needles and essential resources, supporting your well-being and harm reduction.

NHS Contraception Services

NHS Contraception Services

Your reproductive health, your choices. Derwent Valley Pharmacy is your partner in NHS Contraception Services. Confidential, accessible, and tailored to your needs – because your reproductive well-being is our priority.

    about Derwent Valley Pharmacy

    Derwent Valley Pharmacy in Consett

    Derwent Valley Pharmacy is your trusted healthcare partner in Consett. We proudly offer comprehensive NHS and private healthcare services, addressing diverse community needs with expertise and care. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering top-notch care, ensuring your well-being is our priority. Experience the convenience of accessing our range of services, from NHS services to private clinics, all available at your fingertips – book a clinic online today.

    Pharmacy First in Consett

    Skip GP Wait Times

    We can offer advice and prescribe medications for minor ailments such as uncomplicated UTIs in women, sinusitis, sore throat, earache, infected insects, bites, shingles and much more… Meaning you don’t have to wait for an appointment at your GP. Get in touch with Derwent Valley Pharmacy in Consett today to find a treatment for you. We are open every day, Monday to Sunday.

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